Cheese & BiscuitsCheese & Biscuits
erotic music Adapted Records

01 - Griff - Improbability (100 BPM)
02 - 3Bean - It's Not Necrophilia If We're Both Dead (111 BPM)
03 - Dusty Fungus - Fidget Midget (125 BPM

Cheese & BiscuitsCheese & Biscuits

Description - Cheese & BiscuitsCheese & Biscuits erotic music Adapted Records

Welcome to 2012, another year that will test the innovation of electronic music. Cheese & Biscuits is a testament to exactly that, a collection of some of the best glitch/breaks/bass/IDM and downright unclassifiable music from Australia and around the globe. This release reflects the broad and upward direction Adapted Records has recently chosen to take. With the melodic funk of Griff, the abstract mastery of Mr. Bill, the melted perfection of Circuit Bent, the brutal raw energy of Meat Axe, and the talents of many more all playing a part in this diverse release which is both thought- and body-provoking. If you think these are big claims then by all means go ahead and test them, because this 24 track release is also a free one! Mastered by AMB with cover design by Funi.