Khorshid - ManizhehKhorshid - Manizheh
erotic music Triplag Music

01 - Noor (185 BPM)
02 - Interior Castle (185 BPM)
03 - Story Of Us (185 BPM)
04 - You're A Star (185 BPM)

Khorshid - ManizhehKhorshid - Manizheh

Description - Khorshid - ManizhehKhorshid - Manizheh erotic music Triplag Music

Triplag Music is proud to present the dark, fast, and furious debut from Khorshid, Manizheh. Behind this project is Shahin Hooshyar, a Persian musician based in Denmark who produces good quality dance music. At a very early age he was playing the keyboard and experimenting with synthesizers, trying to find himself through music. Now with a musical background of over 18 years he brings us mind-bending audio to transform your soul and enhance your spirit. Drawing influences from various artists around the globe and life itself he takes you through landscapes of deep cinematic sounds and dark atmospheres with razor sharp leads. This is very potent and powerful psychedelic dance music! Tracks 1, 3, and 4 mastered by Heaven and Hell Studio; track 2 mastered by Kashyykk Studio.