erotic music Liquid Frequency

01 - Yark Mandala - Unsquare (127 BPM)
02 - Dar Kapo - Bicycle Day (133 BPM)
03 - Elf De La Nooi - Echoz In My Head (131 BPM)
04 -


Description - AatmanAatman erotic music Liquid Frequency

Liquid Frequency presents Aatman, the second release in the Nature-Being-Machine trilogy. While Aranya vibrated with the sounds of the forest and the wilderness, the slower-paced Aatman resonates with the environment of human beings as they visit those strange places that are the products of the imagination. This release takes the sounds of everyday life into deeper realms of the psyche. Featuring tracks by Yark Mandala (India), Dar Kapo (India), Elf De La Nooi (U.A.E.), and S.O.N.R (India). Mastered by Monno @ Bimmelim Soundlabs, with paintings by Viraag Desai and digital design by Yidam.