Svemirski HodSvemirski Hod
erotic music Neogoa

01 - OXI - Haphazard Dance (Nova Fractal Remix) (145 BPM)
02 - Zopmanika - Cosmic Influence (145 BPM)
03 - Imba

Svemirski HodSvemirski Hod

Description - Svemirski HodSvemirski Hod erotic music Neogoa

Svemirski Hod (translated as Spacewalk) is a true trance-dance soundtrack to all celestial worshippers out there, an ode to honest psychedelic trance souls, and an unstoppable Goa liberation train on its jubilee 50th station now. Since the release of the highly acclaimed conceptual compilation The World Beyond, the Balkan-based Neogoa collective invested a lot of time and effort to create something truly special for all fellow Goa-lovers once again. The idea of having a proper tribute to the creative incubator of Goa music nowadays, the Balkans, came naturally. Presented as two opposite sides (Zenith and Nadir), but united as one in its core idea and Goa-essence, this compilation contains 17 previously unreleased tracks carefully selected by Richpa to bring together the best possible music by all relevant Goa trance producers and makers from the Balkans. All tracks are trustily and gently mastered by Igor Ceranic at Deimos Soundlabs with artwork and visual concept by Ivan Paric at Neogoa Design.